Festina Amsterdam is a branding and digital agency. We focus on working for smart brands, where purpose meets customer through design & digital solutions. Below you’ll find the brands with which we work in a venture modus: continuously working towards shared goals. We also do project-based work for brands, building identities and digital products. Curious? Have a look at our digital and branding credentials.

Start up
Your key to the city
the privacy of a hotel combined with the social aspect of a hostel

CityHub facilitates urban travellers in their need to explore cities, meet like-minded people and connect with locals.

The CityHub experience is more than sleeping in a futuristic hub. It’s about enjoying local life, curated by City Hosts backed up by technology.

digital is the new analogue

We fully focus on digital service. Your door opens with a RFID tag, so does the beer tap, you check in at the check-in kiosk or with our app, you plan your visiting scheme in our app and you request live tips on-location from the City Hosts. Hey! we even managed to get you WiFi to Go, a free roaming service for use in the city. Oh, and yes, your hub is sound-proof.


From Amsterdam to the world. Challenges arise by designing for different cultures and languages, but more exciting are the possibilities of building a network based brand.

Visit CityHub.com and walk in if ever you’re around!

Start up
Taste the waste
food waste isn’t something to ignore any longer

Did you know approximately one-third of our food production is wasted? Can you imagine the impact to our planet? Food waste isn’t something to ignore any longer, it’s something to work with. And that’s exactly what ThijsTea is doing.


Sustainability strategy

ThijsTea innovates within a crowded market by putting fruit waste in the mix. By doing so, these guys make an excellent iced tea and help the world become a better place. A perfect strategy for its brand and lots of opportunities for the future. Think of pillows from the cherry-stones or limoncello from the lemon peel… ThijsTea can be so much more than just an iced tea!

conquering the dutch market

ThijsTea is fresh. Rodney, Thijs & Thomas started in the summer of 2016. Together with Festina, their brand positioning was defined and translated into a strong brand identity. Then, their crowdfunding campaign was ready to go and became a success, reaching the 200% long before their deadline!

If you are curious and want to learn more, go to thijstea.nl

Start up
online platform for amateur artists

Amatore is a community for the amateur art sector in the Netherlands. Because sharing personal experiences makes life more fun. It unlocks knowledge and brings people together by learning from each other’s skills.

7 million artists

It’s proven that 1 to 2 Dutchies are involved or interested in an amateur art form. Besides that, there is research showing us that exercising creative hobbies works towards a more open, intelligent and happy society. Together with Amatore, we set out to open up the market for the amateur art sector in order to facilitate exactly this.

a non-existing market

Amatore is a commercial platform for a non-commercial sector. Thereby we prove the existence of a “non-existing” market. And with various features plotted on the roadmap, we continue working towards making Amatore a commercial success in 2017.

Visit Amatore.nl and find your lessons!


Telecommunication & ICT
Centre for Innovation & Crafts
The innovation lab of T-Mobile

Futurelab brings together its own organisation with start-ups in a non-capitalist way. T-Mobile understands that being a big company has its advantages and its disadvantages. It begins with tapping into entrepreneurs from outside the organisation, enabling intrapreneurs from inside the company and using internal resources.


T-Mobile has 1,500 employees with ideas, experience, and willpower. Let’s enable that power! In fact, why not take some risks with those employees, that are eager to prove their ideas?… Embedding Futurlab appears to be the challenge: embodying HR as a sponsor and a clear funnel towards the CRM database of the department of B2B. By doing so, Futurelab opens up the corporate machine from the inside out.


T-Mobile behaving like a start-up

A German-owned company on the loose! What will the stockholders think?! But as a CEO running a company in a world that moves faster than you can strategise on, a concept like Futurelab might just be the thing you need. The one thing you shouldn’t underestimate: a crazy fellow, like the Innovation Manager Ewout Karel, to make it happen.

Visit futurelab.community and pitch your project.

Wifi To Go
Start up
A personal hotspot for tourists in Amsterdam
Be connected during your trip

WiFi To Go offers the opportunity to take your stay abroad to a whole other level. It allows you to be connected to the internet at all times and at an affordable price. Share your experiences with family and friends; keep connected to your host or other travellers. WiFi To Go is your box to free information during your holiday.


Wifi to go by T-Mobile

Roaming can quickly lead to high costs. And why? It’s 2017, after all. We joined forces with T-Mobile to create an easy-to-use mifi service that allows you to save money while staying connected. It’s easy to carry, and you can use it with several smartphones, computers and / or tablets at once through the 4G T-Mobile network.

Enjoy Amsterdam

WiFi To Go can be found in several locations around Amsterdam, such as the CityHub, Urban Lodge and Citiez Hotel. Some of them ask for a minor fee per day, others include them in their service, but they all have one goal: facilitating the travelling experience to the max. By the way, we are looking for an account manager for this project. Are you the one? Click here for more info.