Show and tell


Just when you think you’ve gotten a grip with every new phrase or buzzword in the world of digital marketing (words like “BRIGITAL”), another comes along to make you go “wait… what?”

And that’s when the new buzzword of which you might have heard (or not) comes in: Experientials.


User journeys are moving from being digital via mobile towards a journey that is better connected with the physical world. And on the other hand, with the constant external stimuli that people are encountered with on a daily basis, they have also become less receptive to traditional advertising. So, how to remain impactful and actually connect with your audience? That’s when it becomes a must to look for different and more authentic ways to bring attention to your product. Experiential thinking can be interesting to explore, but what is it exactly?


We defined it in 3 variables:

  1. Putting an individual or group of individuals in an immersive branded experience.
  2. Anything you can physically interact with (even if that is only one person).
  3. Stir positive emotions in people.


So now you think: if this is what “Experientials” means, it’s not really a “new” thing. ‘Gratis kaasblokjes in the supermarkt’ (or “free cheese blocks in the supermarket”) is very experiential for that manner.

But Experientials is also a billboard on a metro station that reacts on coming and going trains blowing wind through the hair of the model; Pranking one unassuming man (that was definitely not having the greatest night of his life), into a ping-pong match against Arnold Schwarzenegger, then becoming the 6th most shared ad of the 2014 Super Bowl ads; and the Samsung galaxy surfboard, showing real-time surfing information so that surfers can be connected with their coach while being in the water.  

All in all, when we think it through, we see that Experientials really become interesting when they’re online, also because of its reach. They call this VEM (Virtual Experience Marketing).

VEM is, for example, an online experience including interaction, pleasure, flow and community feeling, like the Sirin Labs website. Consumers are in the end just people, and people like to be emotionally involved with what they interact with.


From our side, we are not big fans of the whole marketing jizz, but we do believe in innovation and experimentation while creating, and in always looking for ways to make a positive impact on the customer.

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Jochem van Berne

Managing Director